Mosley wins privacy case - starts libel proceedings

Max Mosley Wins From 25/07/08:

Max Mosley has launched libel proceedings against the News of the World over allegations made in its edition the week after its initial expose on his sex life.

The FIA president won his high-profile privacy case against the British tabloid on Thursday and was awarded £60,000 damages and costs after the High Court ruled that his privacy had been breached when the newspaper revealed lurid details about his private life in March.

The verdict also refuted the newspaper’s claims that his activities with prostitutes had Nazi overtones.

Things were looking very bleak for Mosley back at the end of March when the story of his ‘S&M orgy in a Chelsea flat’ first broke. Since then, he’s successfully faced a vote of confidence by the FIA on June 3rd - thereby keeping his position as head of the FIA - and was yesterday awarded a record amount of damages in respect of his privacy case against the New of the World. The untold damage that Max’s reputation suffered from the tabloid's expose cannot, of course, be remedied by money; in fact, nothing short of a time machine would manage that. Nevertheless, Mosley’s now setting out to right the wrongs he deems himself to have suffered by not only suing the News of the World for libel, but is also pursuing claims against German and French tabloids.  Good on him!

And yeah, Jackie Stewart is still adding his two cents worth to the effect that Mosley should resign. Blah, blah.  Give it a bone, Jackie – we’ve heard it all before.


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