The Start of ‘09

New Year I was drafted in to do some overtime in the last couple of days, despite having still not finished my IT law paper and still being plagued by the pesky cold/virus – whatever it is. Nevertheless, I could use the money. I’m hoping to have the paper finished in the next couple of days, after which time I’ll move on to tackle the rest of my holiday workload. Yes, I'm badly behind schedule at the moment.

2009 should be an interesting year for me. It will also mark the end (for the moment at least) of my adventures in academia. I further recognise that, sod’s law being what it is, my prospective entrance into the permanent job market coincides with the period when one of worst recessions in modern times is predicted to be at its worst. Sigh.

So, against a backdrop of Gordon Brown’s staunch warnings of the difficulties ahead in 2009 – nothing like a cheery start, is there, Gordon – the first day of 2009 is one of writing law papers and nursing my flu-like symptoms, all while a feeling of gloominess and despair looms overhead.

Not so very different from the last few days of 2008, then.


  1. Happy New Year and Good Luck!

  2. Thanks, Andro. Happy New Year to you too.

  3. O Dear, Michael, I hope you are not about to come down with the Lergie - its absolutely AWFUL!! Dose yourself up to the EYEBALLS with remedies and dont go out unless you totally HAVE to!

    With respect to academic workload, I totaly sympathise; I have a paper due to my supervisor the writing of which is somewhat akin to having a tooth pulled - and when you are feeling absolutely shitty its even worse!

    Despite all this talk of credit crunch and recession I have no doubt that you will prevail and find the job of your dreams, so I wish you a very belated Happy New Year, and hope that you feel better soon. :)

  4. You know, guys - I was actually bored this Christmas, because I had no essays or revision to do. But that feeling didn't last long!

    Michael, may I ask - what do you do for a living?

  5. I'd hardly call it a 'living' Andro - I'm only contracted for 12 hours a week. While I won't name names, let's just say I'm working in the 'retail sector' at the moment. Sigh.

  6. Oh dear. Just think of all the skills you're ehnancing!

    By the way, according to wakoopa, you seem to abandoned your open source challenge. What's all this with Ms Word and Powerpoint? :P

  7. That's very cheeky, Andro. I haven't abandoned my open source challenge. :-P Well, not completely. I started to put a blog post together back in November/early December about how things were going. Then, well.... 'overtime' happened, then Christmas and well, here we are. I'll have to document my adventures in the open source world soon though.

    The programes I've been using wouldn't show up on my Wakoopa account as I was using a different machine for my 'open source law student' project. I had planned to run Ubuntu in a virtual machine on this, my main computer, but again.... haven't gotton round to it. Sigh.


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