Ferrari fans berate Badoer for ‘shameful’ lack of pace

From F1 31/08/09:

Ferrari stand-in Luca Badoer claims that it would be 'absurd' for the Italian team to replace him less than a fortnight before his home Grand Prix. The reserve driver, Ferrari's longest-standing pilot, currently remains set to continue replacing the injured Felipe Massa although media pressure is increasing to change the line-up.

With Kimi Raikkonen having won the Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday, Badoer finished last of the runners and over a minute and a half behind his team-mate. "I can say that, after two races, I have much more of a grip on this mountain of things to learn," Badoer told the waiting media after the race at Spa.

"Monza, Mugello and Fiorano are the tracks where I have driven for most in my life," he continued. "It would be absurd and I would be very disappointed (to not drive) because I am convinced that, at Monza, I have the feeling needed.

"Going to a track that I could drive with my eyes closed, I am sure that I could get a good result. If I had to set myself a deadline, maybe I would do it for after Monza - I would be the first to say 'Lads, it's not working out'."

I’ll say it now, Luca: “It’s just not working out”.

In the meantime, this amusing banner that appeared at Spa at the weekend, pretty much says it all.

The difficult truth


  1. poor guy, he really has been given an impossible challenge. he may not be racing come monza.


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