Yet More New Growth in the Blawgosphere

more growth in the blawgosphere


As a follow-up to my post earlier this year in which I announced the arrival of a bevy of new blawgs to the ‘sphere and reviewed each of their rich varied contributions, I thought I should give a shout-out to four more recent arrivals.

So, in no particular order:

Pink Pop Polka Dot – Quirky, energetic, and stylish, PPPD has burst onto the blawging scene with the boundless enthusiasm that only a newbie blawger can muster whilst sporting every colour of eye shadow under the sun. The author, Kim, takes the reader on a helter-skelter trip into, to quote the blog, “everything cosmetic, entertaining, life, law and more”. Kim is about to start her second year of the LL.B and, if her last post is anything to go by, is itching to get started again. While the focus of the majority of posts so far may be weighted more on the side of cosmetics than law, this will likely change once the new semester arrives. In any case, Pink Pop Polka Dot is a great addition to the inner sanctum of UK blawgers and I imagine it will quickly become a must-visit blawg - particularly with the female blawgers out there who will no doubt lap up Kim’s quirky tips on the creative application of eye shadow.  No longer a true blawger and removed from my blawgroll.

Mad Law StudentA long time and prolific tweeter, MLS has made a tentative start to her adventures in blawging and has faltered somewhat since mid July. Let’s all hope Mad Law Student comes back with a bang as her no-nonsense and straight-talking style, coupled with the breadth of topics she covered was a welcome breath of fresh air to the blawgosphere. Also, if you don’t already follow her on Twitter, I’d recommend that you do, if only for those candid insights into her rather bizarre life and those ‘I-can’t-believe-she-just-said-that’ moments!  Missing in Action/AWOL.

Legally Ginge – After possibly breaking the world record for making the greatest number of blog comments while not actually possessing a blog herself, Ginge has finally given in and is blawging with the best of us. The youngest of all the new blawgs, Ginge describes herself as a ‘Mid 30's laydee having an early mid life crisis’ and after suffering a well-paid but somewhat dull career has taken a punt with law, successfully completing both the LL.B and the BVC. Like so many others in the ‘sphere, Ginge is very much on the look-out for a pupillage.  Missing in Action/AWOL.

All About Law - Is the blawgging side of an ambitious project, unsurprisingly named All About Law.

“AllAboutLaw is a simple concept. Everything the law student or potential law student needs to know about law. Given the chance we will take you on a journey from high school to the court room.

Not so long ago we were just like you, and to be honest we were a little lost; we just wanted some straightforward advice and insight into the possibilities ahead of us. So that’s how we started, two graduates, one law and one history and began our mission to provide the best advice there is in an easy and digestible way.”

While I have to confess that I don’t see exactly where they’re going with all this, I’m going to keep a watchful eye on their progress all the same.


  1. thanks Michael!

  2. When I read the title of your post, I feared the worst and was hoping and praying that you had not noticed my neonatal blawg. Having scrolled down at 'mighty mouse' super speed I was dead relieved.... but then I read the reviews and noticed that they were so very fair and nice. Bless you.

    Nice blawg.

  3. Hi Templar,

    Glad you liked the reviews and sorry you weren't included. I had not discovered your blog before you made this comment. In any case, I've added you to my blawgroll and will include you the next time I write up a similar post. :-)

  4. It's so good that you do this Michael! Now I've a few more blogs to add to my blogroll



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