Technical Problems

Contrary to popular belief, the Michael has not disappeared off the face of the earth, nor ducked out of the blawgosphere either. No, the reason for my lack of posting is based on the utter incompetence of certain third parties.

After a huge bodge-up of meteoric proportions by my ISP (yes, I’m looking at you, Tiscali), I still don’t have internet access at my new house. Almost worse still is that when I do receive it, the best connection I can expect is an unacceptably paltry 512kbs. This is going to cause a massive lifestyle change – at least from an entertainment standpoint – in that we won’t be able to stream content as we’ve gotton comfortably used to. Just to make sure I'm utterly left without other viable options, I'm not in a cable broadband area and it's also a blackspot for mobile broadband. Note to self: make sure you check these things out BEFORE you move next time, Michael.

So other than being royally pis*ed at the prospect of a sub-standard internet experience, things have been going all right. Still, I don't think we'll be renewing the tenancy which expires in a few short months.

Rest assured, I’ll be back to posting regularly very soon. Just with an absolute joke of an internet connection.


  1. OMG! I feel for you, Michael :'(

  2. Thanks, Andro. I'm still coming to terms with the bombshell that Tiscali and BT collectively dropped on me last weekend. :-(

  3. Gosh Michael, sounds rotten. at least you can move on soon enough. That said moving can be such a pain.

  4. Yay you're back and boo at Tiscali for being so silly!! I hate ISP's as it is, we're waiting to be switched to 10mb but we're still on 2mb (I shouldn't complain really, should I?!) Complain to them and threaten some good old legal action, hopefully that'll make them fix things up!!

  5. Thanks for the sympathy Travis and Pooni! I never imagined that I'd be stuck in this 'ridiculous internet' situation before we moved. :-(


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