November’s Wacky Search Terms

november's wacky search terms

While my lack of internet connectivity has hampered my blogging activities somewhat over the past month or so, I’ve still been keeping up with the bizarre searches through which people find Law Actually. As ever, we’ve got some real brarmers in there!

“where as a barrister can you get tattooed and pierced” – shoulders and back for men; inner forearms and the trusty ‘tramp-stamp’ zone for women. As for piercings, well - bellybuttons all the way.  :-/

didn't like looe – I’m not particularly enamoured with it myself.

“london hotel travel fun post a comment -crap –sh*t -murder -killed- I’ve stayed in a dodgy London hotel before but nothing quite like this!

“letch – I’m on the front page on Google for this. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

“firework accident compensation claim – well, I did warn you all.

“fireworks uk law time – How about ‘never’ as a piece of possible legal reform?

“uk law student moved to be a US attorney” – Wow. I’m not sure if that qualifies as an upgrade or downgrade.

“how to turn wifi piggybackers upside down – Grab them by their ankles!

“economic burden, kid car accidents – I guess we all have regrets!

“workers compensation porn benefits cancelled”  That’s quite a perk.

“average law student blog - as the sphere's own Pooni might say, I'm not your average student, thank you.

“strawberries law
– I mean, seriously: what kind of answer were you looking for?

“dentist works on one patient – well, that’s better than two at a time, surely?

cow kicked out injury claim” – As opposed to the judge dismissing it, I suppose?

accidents down the sewers” – I should imagine there are a fair few ‘accidents’ lurking about down there.

“i dot car accident and now i am claim for injury” – good for you, I say.

“employment law pillow talk uk - whatever does it for you, darling.

“fountain pen law actually – Perhaps I should start doing my own branded pens?

“pupilages porno” – Sweet Jesus... I can sense another film idea coming on!

“Someone getting sat on by a cow” – As long as it’s not me, I don’t mind.

“police found 60 indecent images on my pc where could they have come from?” – Hmm... that’s what they all say!


  1. LOL!! All of these are hilarious!! Strawberry law LOL

  2. I love your search terms! Always so sick and twisted :D


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