And quote of the day goes to…

Geeklawyer for his beautifully-put response to yet another personal injury ad request:


I’d rather have my bol­locks chewed off by a bad tem­pered rot­tweiler with a taste for slow pain, than have a bunch of low-life ambu­lance chasers taint my site with their ads.

Perfect!  :D


  1. I freely admit I've the odd ad or two.... I left a comment on Geeklawyer's blog (which he hasn't approved yet) saying he should have sent them in my direction as I'm such a slut for advertising; for the right price I'll give anyone a go! :p

  2. I don't see anything wrong with ads either. Snobs! :D

  3. I am an ambulance chaser turned against the legal community. I decided to write about my experiences in real time at Not I am in the midst of my first trademark case - against me. Loving every minute of it!
    Ed Heyburn


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