My New Year’s Resolution…

FB experiment

I know, I know.  I can hardly believe it either.

The cat was let well and truly out of the bag after Pooni correctly guessed that the New Year’s resolution to which I not-so-mysteriously referred in a previous post was quite simply that I was joining Facebook.  What’s more, Andro found my account (which has actually been active for over a week) so I guess there’s no hiding now!  ;-)

As most ‘regular’ blawgwatchers in the ‘sphere are only too well aware, I’m no fan of Facebook and have made it my personal mission to berate the plague of Facebook, the inherent security/privacy risks blah, blah blah – see, even I’m close to not-caring any longer. In my defence, though, I’ve been a lot better of late and have reduced my (at times petulant) whining considerably.

My general attitude towards social networking services has mellowed markedly over the last 12 months or so and I’ve embraced Twitter – albeit rather fleetingly at times – if only for a means of highlighting new content on my blog. Either way, the idea of me joining up to Facebook is still taking a while to sink in.

Fun fact: I actually signed up for a twitter account back in January 2007 but didn’t start seriously using it until summer 2008 and particularly throughout 2009. Likewise with Facebook; I signed up very early on and then did absolutely nothing with my account – in this case, for obvious reasons.

I guess it’s ironic that I’m finally joining Facebook in the wake of the one of the most notorious and publicly-slated changes to the privacy settings in Facebook’s history. But, given the way I intend using the account, I don’t really care how ‘public’ my FB pages become.

If any of you were wondering why I’m joining and why now, the answer’s quite simple. I guess it’s most attributable to a growing feeling of ‘what the hell’. My experiences on Twitter (such as they are) haven’t induced the sky to come crashing down nor has it driven me out of my tiny mind. In any case, I sense my Facebook experience is going to be more of an experiment and quite what will happen is anyone’s guess.

I’ve joined up as ‘Law Actually’ (go figure) but I will try unreservedly embracing Facebook and all of the supposed delights that it brings. So if you’re feeling sociable – or perhaps that should be charitable ;-) – go ahead and send me a friend request. Quite how long the FB experiment lasts remains to be seen but I’m going in with an open mind limited expectations. And once you’ve ‘friended’ me feel free to scrawl obscenities on my wall, send me free virtual gifts, poke me – steady on solider – and whatever else you seasoned facebookians love doing.

And no, if you’re wondering, I didn’t think I’d see the day either. ;-)


  1. Excellent, you've crossed over to the dark side! Hope your FB experience as Law Actually goes well. :)

  2. Thanks AW. I don't really know how this experiment will turn out.

  3. You will end up loving it. I was a huge skeptic, but it really is a great way to keep up with friends dispersed far away. Enjoy!

    On the other hand, I hate Twitter, and have yet to sign on to the site even once. Blech.


  4. Yay I was right, you'll soon be addicted :p

    I've requested you to be my friend :p

  5. Thanks, Juliet. I'm not sure about me ending up loving it but you never know!

    Hmmm.. not sure about me being addicted, Pooni. But thanks for the friend request... I've accepted! :-)

  6. Come on, Michael. Show yourself! :P

  7. Of course, with you being "Law Actually", most of your "fbook friends" will be blawgers. Whereas I'm me, so by asking for a friend request am I slightly revealing the veil of anonymity? (yes, I know I've spelt that wrong, but it's 11pm at night)

  8. Yeah, that's kind of the point, Asp. You can't expect miracles from me and FB, eh? :p

  9. And for that reason, Michael, we can't be 'friends'. Yet. ;D

  10. I obv. have a facebook account (in my own name) but you've got me considering making one for my blogging identity. Sounds like a plan. :)

  11. Oh well, Andro! :p I'm not sure how long this FB experiment will last anyway. It's just yet another thing to keep updated so think it might be neglected.

    Travis, yeah - why not. The more the merrier and all that! :-)


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