Law Actually Mailbag – SERIOUSLY funny!

law actually mailbag I thought I’d do a mailbag a la Paul Thurrott who’s only just started up the idea himself after I got this fantastically funny email.  While I get a few bits of email relating to my blog, I don’t think this will be a weekly thing.

Anyway, I received a very amusing email asking a legal question yesterday and the last line caught me so by surprise, it was an unrestrained laugh out loud moment – more of a scream  actually.  Luckily for me, I wasn’t drinking anything at the time, else my screen would have been plastered!

So, ‘Jamie X’ asked the question:


I have just visited your website in search for some beneficial laws regarding student rights...
I have had trouble allocating [sic] them on your website, and would be very grateful if you could give me a link or some laws that would aid me.
Just simple laws that would protect me from being taken for a wanker at college by the teachers.

Thanks, Jamie”

Well, Jamie, I have to admit (and this doesn’t happen very often):  I’m not quite sure how to respond to that.

But it left me in absolute stitches though.  :D

So, I thought I’d throw this one out to the blawgosphere.  Any ideas anyone?  Are there such laws on the statute books lurking out there?


  1. I hate it when you're just walking along minding your own business and a teacher comes out of nowhere and takes you for a wanker. There ought to be a law.

  2. Absolutely. Perhaps it's a suitable amendment to the Protection of Children Act? :p

  3. Hopefully, to raise the tone, I'd send your letter writer to the activist teacher's blog.

    He refused to treat his students like w*nk*rs and was sacked for such.

  4. AT least it's not a "Notice of Intended Legal Action" :p

  5. Glad you liked it Cowgirl.

    BTW: I've added you to my US blogroll. :-)

  6. Hilarious!!! Michael, I can see you becoming an agony uncle! :D

  7. I think so too, Andro. Howabout 'Ask Uncle Michael' - it has quite a ring to it.

  8. Maybe the -er is surperflous and it's not the sort of classes we're imagining?

    No, I daren't actually put my name to that one...


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