Law Actually Mailbag: Jennifer without a G

law actually mailbagThe following email plopped into my inbox a while back but I’ve been a little slow in answering it.  To partly cover up my tardiness, I though that rather than just giving my own views on this, I might throw it out to the whole blawgosphere – as one of my ‘mailbag’ features.

So, what did law graduate Jennifer have to ask?


I am jennifer XXXX from india.I have currently finished my bachelors in legal sciences. I have the option of transferrin my credits and joinin law school in the uk. The issue is that it is very expensive. Will i be able to repay a loan with a part time job? Mostly i should be studyin in london. Is it really worth all the trauma? I mean emotionally,mentally and physically. Out of 10 how much would you rate the course as tough? Considering i am a little gullible is it ok to come there? Will i  get an oppurtunity to  grow or will it  blow me away in the very beginning? Also if the environment is going to be extremely negative due to the competitiveness then please do give me a  special warning.

I really want the exposure the law schools have to offer there but the downside consequences should not be unbearable.

Jennifer “

I wasn’t sure if Jennifer was missing off the letter g each time on purpose. But oh no:

“Ps: pls do not mind the way i have written the letter it is 5 in the mornin over here and my button g is not functionin.
so i can only paste it these many no of times. ya pls reply asap.thnx.”

Honestly - you really couldn’t make this stuff up!

Once I’d calmed down from the burst of hysterics which hit me upon reading about Jennifer’s keyboard woes, I didn’t quite get why she couldn’t paste the ‘g’ every time. I still don’t. Oh well.

What also struck me when I first read her email was that she seemed to be fairly well aware of the issues likely to affect her as a law student trying to cut the mustard in the UK.  In fact, it almost seemed as though she was talking herself out of it by asking me to confirm her fears.

So, distinguished members of the blawgosphere, is there any particular advice you’d give to Jennifer (apart from getting a new keyboard)?  Is it worth her taking the plunge into legal education UK-style?  Or is she crazy for even contemplating it?


  1. I guess my question is what she hopes to get out of studying in the UK. Does she hope to get a job here? With her level of English and the state of immigration law, I think that's a doubtful prospect.

    Does she want to practice in India? A UK audience is not best placed to advise her what the benefits (or otherwise) of an English law qualification would be in her home country. If this is her ambition, she should speak to people at her university or lawyers in India to see what the qualification would bring her back home.

    Personally, I would be wary about the cost-benefit ratio. If she does want to study in London, she should look carefully at all the costs. Cost of living may be more than she is expecting. I would personally barely expect to be able to pay my living expenses with the pay from a part-time job. I wouldn't expect to be able to pay anything towards tuition.

  2. I think that makes a lot of sense, Beth.

    A lot of foreign students make the mistake of regarding studying in the UK as a gravy train which they can hop aboard and everything will be rosy.

    And in relation to working whilst studying only paying the living expenses, you're bang-on. During my LLM, my part time job covered my rent - but that's it!

  3. I agree. Unless she has a really nice Indian family that will send her rent/food money, she should really consider the pros and cons. You are spot on about some students feel that the UK or US is the road to riches once they get their JD....
    Over here, attorneys are taking HUGE pay cuts.
    I actually have been replaced in my old job by an attorney who just can not find work. She is getting LESS than what I got paid, which is hella sad.

    Paralegal Hell


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