Parcel Delivery Guide for Postmen

Given that today is a potentially historic day for Royal Mail, I thought ‘posting’ this would be particularly apt! ;-)

I’m sure we can all relate to it:

parcel delivery guide


Originally seen here.

That said, I don’t think it tells the full story in the case of UK deliveries. I’ve heard it rumoured that certain posties are in the habit of leaving householders a P739 card, (more commonly known as a ‘sorry you were out’ card) when, in fact, they hadn’t left the house all morning. This isn’t due to the postman’s quiet knocking, nor a malfunctioning door bell. Rather they sneak up to your house with all the cunning and stealth of an SAS sniper and leave the card before creeping away because they haven’t got your parcel with them at all. It’s back in the depot!! On busy days, they only take a portion of the bulkier items on their rounds to help spread the load over the week.

Sneaky. (If it’s true, of course!) 


  1. same thing happened to me once...only the idiot delivery guy wrote on the note - 'you were not home, so left package in the trash can' !!!!???

    i was livid!! now i can laugh

  2. Blimey! I am off to go and set up a booby trap... I might get the package I am expecting.

  3. This has nothing to with your awesome Parcel post.

    If you have a Facebook account, please like my Facebook page. I am almost up to 200 and I am sick of it sitting at 199. It makes me sad.

    You don't have to read my blog, although I am all kinds of awesome. Just like the damn thing on Facebook.

    Thanks Michael. Now back the comments :)

    Paralegal Hell

  4. hehe... no worries... done! ;-)

  5. Get yourself a CCTV system - I used mine against the company digging up my Gas Supply. They said they'd called to re-connect my supply I told them they hadn't even bothered - I was sat inside working from home and I'd reviewed all the footage !!!


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