The farmyard fetishist strikes again


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From the Metro 24/03/11:

Truscott was found in a field, covered in manure and mud and naked apart from a single sock, by a Cornish farmer’s 16-year-old son on February 26.

Strange that Truscott opted to keep just one sock on. Let’s hope it wasn’t a white one, else he’s going to have a tough time getting the stains out.

Truro crown court heard that the 41-year-old, of Camborne, Cornwall, was already jailed for an arson attack at the farm belonging to Clive Roth in Redruth, in which one cow was killed.

He had terrorised farmer Mr Roth and his family for six years with his fetish for manure.

He had also been involved in a number of other offences related to his sexual thrill for rolling in slurry.

Truscott was jailed for breaching a restraining order and harassment.

His defence lawyer said he was ‘sad, socially inadequate and vulnerable.’

Hmm, yes I noticed that the solicitor acting for Truscott in 2005 stated his client was a “sad, isolated, peculiar man with peculiar habits'' who ''definitely needed help''.

So what about that help? Some 6 years later, after various spells in prison, precious little seems to have changed; Truscott’s back at his same tricks at the same farm terrorising the same family. I think it’s increasingly clear that further spells in prison aren’t really going to do the trick.


  1. You assume that he was wearing the sock on his foot.

  2. Eeeewwww, God no!! That's not a pleasant image!!

    If he *was* in the habit of wearing that sock on a certain, less conventional appendage, I'm guessing it'll need some darning after all of the action he's been giving it! :-\

  3. I'm just thinking why else would an entirely naked man continue to wear a single sock.

  4. You know, I have seen and heard some pretty weird stuff working the sex-n-death cases I have...but that's a new one on me.

  5. Sounds like you deal with the mentally ill the same way we do here in California--just keep stuffing them into our prisons! We're at 180% capacity and growing...(a case before SCOTUS now)


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