What kind of commenter are YOU?

speech bubbleIt’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so thought it was about time again.

As before, I might be sailing quite close to the wind with the ‘most likely to be’ column, but I’m hoping the esteemed members of the ‘sphere take it on the chin with good humour! ;-) You’ll notice that I didn’t escape mention either.


What it really means

We Say


Most likely to be

The Spasmodic Commenter

You’ve a habit of going to ground every few months and then you spring up like you were there all the time.

Please don’t treat our blogs like cheap whores – only going to them when you fancy a bit of a change.

You know, that C-word... commitment! ;-)

Lost London Law Student; Swiss Tony

The Skim Reading Commenter

You start off actually reading the post but you kind of run out of steam half way through.

Watch out: your skim reading might get you in trouble one day! :p

Sorting out your attention span problems


The Verbose Commenter

You’ll happily throw up war and peace as a comment, without thinking about the poor souls who have to read it.

Go easy on your keyboard – you’re wearing that sucker out! ;-)

Keeping it brief

Law Minx

The Spam Commenter

You’re not really a commenter at all. In fact, you’re as welcome as haemorrhoids

There’s no point sugar coating the pill; we don’t like you, you smell bad and we especially don’t want you sullying our blawgs.

F**king off!

Sudip from Bangladesh who’s being paid by some SEO company who’s in turn paid by some personal injury firm to spam-link relevant blogs for Google juice!

The Tightwad Commenter

Sure, comments are free, but why give them away when you needn’t

Ever heard of karma? You’ve gotta share the commenting love.

Letting rip with a few comments every now and then.

Ramblings of a Scottish Student

The Profuse Commenter

You’re spewing comments left and right or you’ve ‘commenting diarrhoea’. Either way, it’s bad.

Maybe you’re just lonely? You could always try a help group?

Giving it a rest

Law Actually

The Anonymous Commenter

You might be a comment-virgin or a seasoned comment-whore in disguise... no one can tell. And that just stinks.

No one respects an anonymous commenter. I know, I know, but the truth hurts

Growing a pair and revealing yourself... um, that came out badly.

Um, well, ‘Anonymous’ funnily enough.

The Touchy-Feely Commenter

It’s all ‘hun’ this and ‘babe’ that, rounded off with a couple of XXs.

You’ve gotta whole lot of love to give, baby and you’re not afraid to show it!

Saying up front whether you expect the recipient to, you know, XX you back! ;-)

Aimless Wanderer; Look Good Legally

The Late to the Party Commenter

You like to keep abreast of stuff in the ‘sphere; you’re just a few weeks behind the curve, that’s all

Better late than never, I guess.

An RSS reader?

Law Dent


  1. Darling Michael,

    Well what can I say, I'm an emotional person! ;P A bit of xoxox never hurt anyone... and while I have no expectations of anyone, a few hugs and kisses back wouldn't hurt!

    AW xx

  2. My Dear Michael,

    V good/accurate comment.


  3. AW - hehe... right back at you sweetie xoxox ;-)

    And there's nothing wrong with a bit of emotion ever now and then! :-)

    Minxy, I hope you're not sulking... I see you kept that short and sweet! :p

  4. Michael, What about the 'run out of ideas and silly stories' kind of blogger, or my personal favourite, 'The shocked blogger'


  5. hehe... I've clearly put you in the wrong category of commenter, Swiss. :p You should have been in the skim reading category; this was about *commenting* rather than blogging (which I did last year - http://lawactually.blogspot.com/2010/04/what-kind-of-blawger-are-you.html)

    Oh honestly... you're no better than Andro with her skim reading!! :p ;-)

  6. My Dear Michael,

    I'm not sulking; rather, I am in pre portal training, in order to access that place where brevity is the essence of wit! :)

  7. Michael, Ah, I should have read to the end then!

    Trouble is, your blogging is always so sensible and about legal things so I don't want to spoil it by commenting.

    I tend to spend most of my time on a forum, which unfortunately I was banned from a couple of weeks ago. Hence time on my hands, and feeling the need to comment somewhere so that someone talks to me!


  8. Swizzles, you've slipped up again and showed you're a skim-reader for sure - saying I blog about sensible things.

    Humph... I KNEW nobody actually reads my posts! :p

    And how dare this forum ban you; it wasn't Roll on Friday was it?

  9. OMG, Michael! Well said, hahahaha ;D

    *skimmed-read the rest of the post and comments* ;D

    Also, so true about Ally... ;D I hope he won't get offended by this :|

    P.s. I actually misread the post title at first - I thought it said 'computer' instead of 'commenter'. ;D

  10. heh... glad you liked it, Andro.

    I also hope Ally won't be offended; I guess we'll never know as he won't leave a comment! ;-)

  11. wow... thanks Alistair.

    I'm going to treasure that comment! :p

  12. I think it's a prank... it's not really him!! ;D


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