Bonfire Night Edition

Guy Fawkes Gunpowder plot

Guy Fawkes Night came early at Law Actually HQ this year. (And yes, I have jokingly referred to our house as that – (my gf just about tolerates my blogging whims as she might those of a small toddler).

We’re rather conveniently located at the rear edge of the campus of one of the UK’s (and I quote) “leading provider[s] of financial products and services”.Despite the gloomy economic climate and the financial services industry forever teetering on the brink, this specific provider festively opted to put on a bumper fireworks display on Thursday evening.

They even had the courtesy to come around earlier in the week to stuff a letter in the mailbox of their ‘neighbours’ saying all hell would be breaking loose in the sky from 7.00pm onwards, so we should lock up our pets and children, pop on our safety glasses & ear defenders and suggested that anyone of a nervous disposition should hide under the duvet until the display was over.

As fireworks go, they were pretty darn good and we got a front row seat. Watching the display from our upstairs window might have deprived us of the seasonal atmosphere but it certainly kept my tootsies warmer!!


  1. in need of help: any phone interview tips you can dish out? Will be receiving a dreaded call from Ashurst on thursday and so far i've always managed to lose things at the phone interview stage


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