Family lawyers are the most depressed, miserable, (and busy)

Nope, not according to some poll organised by the Law Society, the Solicitors Journal or whatever other body or publication that’s flavour of the month.

... according to my optician!!! 

Well, he should know, shouldn’t he?

(And just to confirm, I think he meant that comment in relation to lawyers generally rather than everyone he encounters).  Still, it’s not impossible I suppose…

Yep, it seems you can get a whole lot more from a contact lens check-up these days.

Fancy.  Be right back


  1. I am not a lawyer yet, but I do work in a Family Law firm. We are slightly numb to these people's drama. But I def. never, ever, ever take it home. I don't think of those people once time after I walk out the door. And the other family law lawyers I know seem to be happy to and most of them are married!

  2. For some reason I've always pictured you with glasses... the contacts surprised me.


  3. JD - interesting... but you've got to remember how much more miserable and depressed us Brits are generally. ;-)

    AW... had me down as a glasses chap? I'm offended!! :p

  4. Jason @ personal injury lawyer19 November 2011 at 18:00

    He's obviously never met a personal injury lawyer then! We're like forebearers of doom allegedly!


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