Where’s the weirdest place you’ve done it?

So where do you routinely do it?

Perhaps more to the point, where’s the craziest, wackiest, zaniest place you’ve done it in the past?

Don’t worry – I’m talking about blogging here. (Obviously!)

blogging from the boudoir 2 4

Most blawggers who know me won’t be surprised that I haven’t strayed too far from the straight and narrow of blogging from a computer whilst sat at a desk.  Sigh.

But I’m not opposed to giving it bash in another room: I’ve done it the garden, in bed, the sofa and whilst sat on the stairs. I’ve also blogged from university computer rooms, various foreign countries, hotel rooms (it left me with a rather cheap, dirty and unfulfilled feeling), and even fiddled with the template code on Law Actually whilst held up in an airport lounge. Perhaps most bravely of all, I’ve been daring enough to crack my laptop open whilst being thrown about a train carriage like a rag doll; how anybody can work productively on a train is utterly beyond me!

The bedroom is an obvious place to blog from and I’ve seen a number of bloggers comment from time to time that they’re doing a ‘duvet post’. I’ve never found tapping away on a laptop in bed that comfortable really but I still do it occasionally. My GF used to get a little narky when I was ‘blogging from the boudoir’ but in my defence, she was equally engrossed in the TV. From experience, it’s tough to strike a creative note when your ‘significant other’ is glaring daggers at you (or serving up a generous portion of the cold shoulder speciality – women seem to have this down to a fine art!!).  Ahem.

So whilst I’m a boring, play-it-straight kind of chap, the simple truth is that I’m more productive sat at my desk (and I can think more clearly when quiet surrounds me - hence my hatred of open-plan offices). My tendency to throw up a graphic with blog posts means I don’t like to be more than 10 paces from Photoshop. This probably also explains why I downloaded the blogger app for my HTC Desire and have never used it.

So where do you blog from? And where are you most creative / productive?  Do you have to do it from a computer – 20th century style - or are you part of the iPad-wielding new skool of blawgsters who will happily update their blog whilst hanging upside down from a curtain pole or something crazy like that?

Either way, I’d like to hear about it.  Be right back


  1. in the cafe of a caravan park in cornwall

  2. Good stuff... some of my best blogging experiences have occurred in Cornwall!! :-)

  3. ... after that response Michael I'm glad I didn't tell you about my favourite place :P


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