Wacky Searches–March 2012

crazy searches law acuallyIt’s been ages since I’ve done one of these posts, so what the heck: here goes.

nice loyers pens” - I’d work on the spelling first. You can worry about the cursive handwriting later. (Wouldn’t it have been embarrassing if I’d typed ‘speeling’? :p

Valentine restraining order” - and who said romance was dead.

management approach of left thigh swelling” – um, probably to grope it?

UK LLM expensive little return” - cynic!

personal injury portal instructions” - ‘pull pin and throw’?  Someone searched for this and visited law actually 5 times in rapid succession.  I sense their frustration from here.

can you revise for law degree with a level books” Well, you can, but...

criminal law depression solicitors” – I blame legal aid (or the lack of it).
comic sans should only be used by girls

One of the disgusting things men do in public is men touch their crotches in public”  That’s a whole lot of public.  Or do I mean pubic?  ;-)

how to get maximum pay out for disability discrimination 2011” Oh, honestly!!

What is the name given to BT men who climb telegraph poles?” Try ‘telephone engineers’ you dick.

marriage the leading cause of all divorce” - yes indeedy.

lawyers are miserable” -  no kidding.

how many hours should you revise for a law exam” -  Many.  Next?

how to make a revision booklet how to make a revision booklet” .. does that mean they want 2 revision booklets or are just really desperate?  Or both?

cant get a pupillage with a kent llb” - didums. Try prostitution.

are tattoos on the head legal in uk” - Yep - just immeasurably ugly. 

how to spot law exam questions” - a contact at the exam board or a crystal ball.

fun ways to revise law exams”  - forever the optimist!  It doesn’t exist, so stop looking.

what to buy for a law graduate” - how about a career?  Otherwise, a lot of grads stand no chance right now.

christmas crapping” - you go for it, girl.

where to advertise a law firm” - in a railway station (apparently).  I’ve no idea why it’s so popular.  It’s even the Law Society’s preferred option.

llb brothel guide” - heck, I don’t remember that being included in the Fresher’s pack for undergrads. 

i can't log on to MySRA” (don’t worry: you’re not the only one).

is it possible for a human to outrun a f1 car from a standstill” - WTF do you think?

being sick in a bra” - classy.  Sounds like a typical night out in Cardiff.

sleazy lady lawyer” - ooh my favourite type.

why was calibri invented” - I don’t know... it kind of grates on me now.

boy+on+ice+old+lady+llb+criminal+law+scanario” - x 6!!!  I have no idea what this moron was searching for.

reason for undertaking the course telecoms law” - oh, i don’t know... you’re a sadist.

llb llm lpc unemployed” I would try Jeremy Kyle...


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