The Law of Printers

There can be few things more frustrating in life than working with computer printers.  They’re hungry, unpredictable and unreasonable beasts – right from setting up and first use. 

And sod’s law being what it is, the problems always strike in their most severe form when you absolutely need to print that document on a very tight deadline.  I remember as a law student, I had some uncomfortably close shaves involving my old HP Officejet and getting assignments submitted for marking.  They were very  much “do or die” moments.

Wisely, I abandoned inkjet printers two years ago now (and have avoided Epson printers like the plague since my first inkjet in 1999). 

Still, for anyone still suffering with them, I think this picture sums up your likely experience very nicely.  ;-)

law of printers

Found here.

Happy printing!  Be right back


  1. Have you seen this? It's a scream.

  2. I stupidly bought an Epsom printer and totally regret it - it is the most awful thing.

  3. Courtney - funnily enough, I have -

    (I blogged about it in 2009)!! :-o

    AW - hindsight is wonderful thing! ;-)


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