Whiplash a scam by patients, say doctors


neck injury compensation claimsFrom the Metro (the hardcopy version – sorry I’ve forgotten the date… the cutting has been lying on my desk for the past week or so and I couldn’t find the same story online): 
Rolling on the floor laughing

Nearly nine in ten doctors believe most of their patients exaggerate whiplash symptoms to increase insurance claims.


D’you think so? I wonder why they might do that.

Doctors surveyed over the summer said they thought many patients who go to them with neck sprain injuries as a result of a car accident are fraudulent.

When there’s a sprain, there’s a claim.

The survey, by car insurer AXA, found that doctors had seen a substantial increase in whiplash patients in the last five years.

Most felt the government should crack down on the practice and find a more rigorous way of assessing injuries to control insurance claims by drivers.

How about getting the suspected patient to take part in a test – Jeremy Beadle style – to see how bad their neck injury really is?

What if, when sat in the chair opposite the doctor’s desk during the consultation, a cardboard cut-out of a topless lady or chap pops up behind the doctor on a rail running around the top of the wall. Once popped up (the cardboard cut-out, that is) and it starts its merry ride across the wall, the extent to which the patient turns his or her neck to continuing ogling said cut-out could be a good indicator of the seriousness of their injury.

If it rotates owl-like (or à la the girl from the Exorcist), the doctor will doubtless feel more assured that all is not what it seems.

Alternatively, the doctor could ask the patient if that £50 note by their foot is his/hers and judge the speed and ease by which they cranked their head down (coupled with the time it took them to feign an “ohh-my-neck” groan) was consistent with a genuine case of whiplash or was more suggestive of them being a workshy, benefits-swindling layabout.

I know, I know. I have some great ideas sometimes. Be right back


  1. I think you may be wasted in law, and that really, medicine is where your true home lies ;)

    P.S. Baggsie I NOT be your patient? :)

  2. Dr Michael will see you now! :p

    I'd be awful, wouldn't I. ;-)

    Mind you, given the performance of most GPs these days, I'd look pretty damn competent next to them!!


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