Spray Pepper with your phone

It turns out there’s not an app for that.

spray that pepper

From the Register 09/11/12:

An Arizona man concerned for the safety of his college-bound daughter has created a personal-protection device that she's sure to carry with her everywhere: an iPhone case that doubles as a pepper-spray shooter.

No, really.

"Most [students] don't go anywhere without their smartphone," inventor Scott McPherson notes on the website of his company, Spraytect, "so the optimal solution was to combine her phone and a safety device."

If you say so, Scott.

Truth be told, McPherson did a rather slick job when designing the prosaically named Pepper Spray Phone Case, which comes in black, white, turqoise, (sic) and pink, and can deliver an eye-biting spray at a distance of six to eight feet.

Just less of a slick job when it came to naming it, then.

And if you think you might need some target practice with it, McPherson’s got that covered, too.

[It] helpfully includes a non-irritating test cartridge so that you can practice your draw, aim, and shoot skills without endangering your mates.

Being well prepared is a good thing, but I don’t think college students should be encouraged to go out on a date expecting to use their pepper spray. Shouldn’t it be reserved as a ‘last resort’ thing?

In addition to its personal protection raison d'être, the protruding cartridge housing also acts as a kickstand that "allows you to watch movies and videos keeping your phone upright without propping or holding it," the Spraytect website notes.

Oh, I’ve heard it all now.pepper spray phone case

Users of a nervous disposition will no doubt watch movies with their trigger finger poised over the spray button. I wonder how long it’ll be before a horror movie they’re watching causes an inadvertent release of pepper spray and a resultant claim from an enraged (and innocent) fellow passenger they were sitting next to?

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me. (Then again, I was always a pessimistic one).


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