Young Lawyer … anything but Inspiration

I love hate to nit-pick but, you know, Young Lawyer should be setting an example and trying to encourage attention to detail – not making copywriting faux pas.

I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment, dear reader, when the following email plopped into my inbox on Friday afternoon explaining how by ‘liking’ Young Lawyer’s Facebook pic, I could get my sorry ass in the prize draw for a Dell “Inspiration” laptop.  Ahem.
Be right back

junior lawyer - dell laptop

Besides which, I’m not on Facebook and I don’t like things.  Be right back

Why the hell am I still on their mailing list anyway.  Ah, yes, I remember - so I can watch out for incidents like these.

Oh well.  Blame it on the copywriter, I say.  Bit stingy, though; the inspiron models are low-end and anything but inspiring.

Still, not all Dells are that bad.  My desktop PC is an Dell XPS 630i dating from 2008 and still going like a trooper.  It’s built like a tank and is remains one of my trusty workhorses (an American would add, “knock on wood” here). 
dell xps 630iAfter I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 in January 2010, the Nvidia driver didn’t support the changeable chassis lights any longer, so I’ve had to leave it on the default ice-blue ever since.  Shame. 
Eye rolling smile

I also had to replace the graphics card this summer after the old SLI config it shipped with melted under the strain of me playing F1 2011 in my balmy office!!.

The law actually office ... at play

And yes, before anyone comments, I bet Lewis Hamilton doesn’t have to rely on wedging his pedals in position with a box file behind them.  Still, it works for me.


  1. Thanks! :-)

    We should have a race online together sometime! :p

  2. That is super awesome. I wish I was more "techy"!

  3. Wow... thanks. :-)

    Fancy a go in the hot seat? :p

  4. Remind me what NSF is.... :-)

  5. The Need for Speed series by EA Games, of course! :D I guess you weren't playing that then

  6. Haha, sorry, I meant to say NFS previously - typo :P

  7. Ah - with you now! No, it was F1 2011. I have got NFS Hot Pursuit (but it's an old version from about 7/8 years ago and I haven't played it in a while).

    You'll be pleased to know I did a 20% race at Abu Dhabi yesterday evening as Mark Webber; I started 4th on the grid and won. :-)

  8. Haa! I've got the old Hot Pursuit too! I only got it recently - had a sudden urge to play a racing game! It's quite good (apparently one of the best in the NFS series!), but don't think it lets you 'race', but you can compare your best times :D

  9. Yes, I think you're right: I remember the time trial stuff and the "be the cop" mode, but no "race against your buddy" function.

    I liked the venue near the volcano where the lava had melted the road in places.

    I need to play it again! :-)


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