Fighting a Speeding Fine? Top Tips to Help

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Most drivers have received a speeding ticket in their lifetime, whether that’s because they intentionally broke the law or because they obliviously rolled into a 30 zone at 40mph.

Whatever the reason, you don’t have to take your speeding ticket lying down. There are ways and means of getting off the hook, and if you’re crafty enough, you might just escape scot-free. Here are a few approaches to try out.

Have The Right Attitude
When you’re pulled over by a police officer, your first step should be to be as unthreatening and as likeable as possible. Get out the big, doe eyes. Turn your car off and switch the interior lights on. Place your hands on the steering wheel and remove any sunglasses or hats. Don’t get out of the car.

Try to take the tension out of the situation. Police officers have been in a variety of dangerous situations, so make sure they see you as a reasonable citizen who won’t do anything threatening.

Be polite. If you can manage it, address them as ‘officer’ or ‘sir/ma’am’ – police officers are often proud souls, so do your best to flatter their self-importance.

Don’t start pleading until the basics have been covered. Ask before you move your hands from the steering wheel. Once the officer has your information, start talking.

If you have clearly broken the law, admit you were in the wrong and say that the officer was entirely right to pull you over. Make your excuses, but admit you realise you shouldn’t have travelled at that speed. Ask to see the reading meter, to check just how bad you were breaking the law (in their eyes), but bear in mind they may not let you.

Once you’ve developed a rapport with the officer, show that you are extremely remorseful and that you’ve learned your lesson. Try to get mercy, but whatever you do, don’t get angry. You can beg as much as your dignity will allow you but don’t grovel. You want the officer to barely remember you and leave with a positive impression. Nevertheless, the law has touch sentences in place to deter reckless drivers.

You Still Receive A Ticket
Try to get in contact with the officer to talk about the speeding ticket. You’re more likely to do well out of this if you were only speeding slightly. Tell them a legitimate and believable story – this may be your actual reason marginally embellished. You need a convincing reason however, to get the officer on-side.

If you’ve had no prior convictions, you can protest that this is your first speeding offence and that it was certainly a one-off that you don’t intend to repeat. If the officer identifies with you, he or she may show you mercy.

The officer has full authority to let you off your ticket, so always remember how important he or she is. This officer is your ticket to freedom. You have every right to talk to the officer.

Follow-Up Letter
Follow up your call with a letter, thanking the officer for his or her work and praising them for their handling of the case. You can work on them a bit here too, but this is really the last resort before heading to court.

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