Thief aping Santa Claus found dead in chimney at law firm

stuck in chimney(And who said I was lousy at coming up with blog post titles?!?) :p

From the Telegraph 03/05/13:

The body of a serial burglar was discovered wedged in the chimney of a Grade II–listed building after staff at a solicitor's office noticed an unpleasant smell.

He wasn’t dressed in a red tunic with white fur was he? Any sign of a herd of reindeer having landed on the roof in the recent past?

Police are investigating whether Kevin Gough attempted to break in to the building in St Mary's Gate, Derby, and became trapped.

It is thought the 42-year-old's body had been in the chimney of the Grade II listed building for several weeks. It emerged today that he is a serial burglar with a history of breaking into premises.

Officers were called to the firm of solicitors on Wednesday afternoon after staff reported a sickening smell wafting throughout the Grade II listed building.

Mr Gough's body is understood to have been significantly decomposed, which attracted an unusually high number of flies.

Don’t decomposing bodies usually attract a high number of flies? 

Mr Gough, who had no permanent address, has a string of previous convictions for targeting businesses.

It sounds like staff might need to vacate the premises while it’s fumigated. I wonder if the firm handles private client matters. Having potential business arrive on your premises beats chasing victims in ambulances I should think. 

I know, I know – these cheap jibes are in very poor taste.


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