The festive season draws to an end

End of ChristmasOur Christmas decorations were taken down today and stuffed in a large plastic tub dutifully packed away all ready for next year. As has become something of an end-of-yuletide tradition for me, I spent a good hour or so chopping up the Christmas tree with loppers and a bow saw before depositing the ‘chimbled’ remains into our composter. This act has come to symbolise the ending of the Christmas period for me. At least it helps to burn off some of those excess Xmas calories.

Just to ram the message home, I’ve removed the Christmassy header from Law Actually and reinstated the normal version. My blog now, just like our house, is looking barren, bereft and forlorn without its festive embellishments.

And do you know what? It’s struck me as a great pity. This year more than any other, I found that Christmas very nearly passed me by entirely. December was so manically busy (apparently clients like to have certain matters wrapped up before Santa arrives) that it didn’t really dawn on me that it was ‘that time of year again’ until it was too late. And just as I was getting into it and embracing the festivities, merrymaking and enforced downtime, I’ve found that it’s all over and January (and the time to return to work) has arrived with all the grace of a smack in the mouth.

I’m hoping to ease myself gently back into work on Monday. I’m not optimistic it’s going to be as smooth a ride as I hope.


  1. So how did your day turn out? My first day back was a bit of a blur... I have a ridiculous amount to get done in three weeks.

    1. Mine was fairy sedate. As days back go, I really shouldn't complain.

      What's happening in 3 weeks? Something exciting? :-)


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