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Every year, in the UK, around 1.5 million motorists are fined, or prosecuted for committing motoring infractions. The list of offences you can commit while driving includes speeding, driving without insurance, using a mobile while driving, failing to comply with traffic signals, and several other infractions.

Given the fact that most people speed at some point while driving or make minor errors there is a tendency for drivers to accept blame automatically. People know that they make mistakes while driving, so many just assume they are guilty of the offence, and, therefore, feel obliged to take the punishment.

This is understandable, laudable even. However, is just accepting the fine, points or driving disqualification wise? The simple answer is that in most situations taking this approach is actually not a good idea.

Traffic authorities make mistakes
Unfortunately, when it comes to motoring offences the authorities can, and do, make mistakes. Every year, lawyers uncover thousands of examples of motoring fines and notices being issued because of flawed, or compromised, evidence. In those situations, those accused of offences can usually avoid being wrongly prosecuted, or fined. Using a motor lawyer will help you to avoid being unjustly punished.

Accumulated points can lead to licence loss
However, the biggest reason for defending yourself when accused of a driving offence is the negative effect not doing so can have on your life. Given the fact it is all too easy to make genuine mistakes while driving and accumulate enough points to lose your licence not challenging offences, as they come up, is often unwise.

Especially when you consider that potentially you only have to get caught speeding a few times in a three year period to end up with more than 12 points on your licence. When that happens, you are well on the way to losing the right to drive. Clearly, not being able to drive has a negative effect on your life. For example, as can be seen from this page, losing your licence can make it extremely difficult to keep a job, or find a new one.

Motoring lawyers protect you
Given the potential serious consequences of motoring offences, it makes sense to seek the advice of a firm like motoringoffencelawyers.com. These specialist lawyers know that you can often legally avoid paying the fine, taking the points, or losing your licence.

A good motoring offence solicitor has a working knowledge of the technology and equipment that are used to gather evidence of offences. They know the law and procedures inside out.

Armed with this knowledge, they can identify where mistakes have been potentially made, and help you to launch a successful appeal. Should they not be able to find any errors, and you end up in court they can still mount an effective defence. This usually means you will be found not guilty, or will receive a lesser sentence, when appropriate.

With the help of an experienced motoring lawyer that covers your area you can greatly reduce the negative impact driving offences will have on your life, and that of your family.


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