Bar Stool Driver Charged with Drink Driving

Only just stumbled across this gem. 

From Sky News 02.04.09:

A man in Ohio has been charged with drink driving after he crashed a motorised bar stool at 20mph.

Kile Wygle, 28, adapted a regular bar stool and fitted it with a steering wheel, tyres and a small engine.

He managed to escape the crash with only a minor injury to his head but immediately had his licence suspended by police.

While he was being treated by paramedics, Wygle told a police officer he had consumed "a lot" of beers before he drove the stool.

However, he later changed his story saying he only consumed alcohol after the crash.

"I drank quite a bit after I wrecked because my head hurt so bad," he told a local TV station.

"I went in and drank a half a bottle of whiskey."

As you do.

So it seems that racing motorised bar stools is considered a sport in some parts of the US. I guess everyone needs a hobby.

Motorised Bar Stool


  1. Want one.

    Really want one.

    Think how quick you could get the next round in. You wouldn't need to stand up to wander to the bar, and I'm sure the queue would rapidly dissepate as you headed towards it at 20mph.


  2. Good point. I hadn't thought of it like that!

  3. ...why? Just why.

  4. Good question. I wonder how the idea first came about. Perhaps it was a semi-drunken idea voiced in a bar late one night or maybe a pub landlord just had a quiet weekend and thought, 'I know what I can do...'

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