Summer Term Starts

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I knew this day would come but that hasn’t made its arrival any easier to accept. Yes, today marks the start of the summer term and all of the revision/exam fun that goes with it. Before the games can begin properly, though, I’ve got to wrap up the coursework-based modules.

I’m not quite up to where I’d wanted to be as have my final corporate governance paper to write before I can switch properly into exam mode. (Before the start of the Easter break I had stated I wanted ALL papers written by the end.  Hmmmph: so much for that). Still, I started the research for the paper last week while I was down in Cornwall so aim to have it finished by the end of this week (subject to change and all that).

Unfortunately I have to head into the city for the next 3 days straight – which is a bit of a hassle. Still, I don’t want to miss a single session at this stage in case any precious exam-hints are given out. More so this year than any other, even before Easter, it felt as though things were wrapped up and it was all over bar the shouting exams. Unfortunately, two classes have spilled over into this term – Company Law and Corporate Governance. Just brilliant!

I’m also bracing myself for the final instalment of course fees to be snatched from my bank account in the next few days but can at least take comfort from the fact I will not be shelling out on any more education for the foreseeable future. 

Oh and if there were any doubt that summer term has arrived in full vigour, the fantastic weather has descended and I’m stuck inside tapping away at a computer keyboard.  Sounds about right!


  1. know what you mean about the studying and weather *gazes longingly out of window*

  2. Yeah, it's like the weather Gods know when us poor students are at our busiest and unable to enjoy it. :-(

    No need for them to rub it in though!

  3. we don't start back till next week, but finding it awfully hard to get back into the working routine again, I only have small bursts of energy and the sun is so nice shining into my apartment.

  4. Term, you say? TERM?! I dont GET to have TERMS anymore - its a whole , entire, and all ROUND Year thing for me! WAAAH!! I Miss Terms!!!

  5. I've been working on papers for most of the holidays so it hasn't been quite as tough as has been in the past to slip back into my term-time schedule. I guess small bursts of energy is better than no energy at all, Travis! :-) (Think positively and all that!)

    Poor you, Minxy. I guess life has turned into one long continuous academic slog for you.... like being stuck in a bad dream you can't seem to get out of. I guess staying in the world of academia for long enough inevitably has that effect! :-(

    (Note to self: get out while you still can!!!)


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