My legal space/3rd IT law paper

Not so tidy, eh?  I came in for some stick for my last legal space photo, with allegations to the effect that I’d ‘staged’ it.  That wasn’t true – it was merely taken on one of my ‘neater’ days.  But anyway, here’s another photo just to demonstrate that I’m not always like that.

This pretty much sums up my whole experience with this 3rd and final IT law paper.  I feel it really ‘speaks’ to the progress I’ve made and sense of direction I’m experiencing with my thesis.  Oh yes!

I’m about to start the ‘writing process’, so, you know, lots of luck and motivation needed.



  1. Thats FAR more LIKE it Michael! Organised CHAOS!!! I am encouraged!!
    ( Such is the degree of my disorganisation that I found a five pound note and a whole packet of wuthers originals amid a pile of articles labelled ' Perhaps for the Bin' not a day ago!!! :)) )

  2. This reminds me I really must take a photo of my desk/house during revision time...

  3. Oh that's charming, Lost. So you're calling me a messy worker then! :-P

    Glad you liked my organised chaos, Minxy. Perhaps when I'm finished clearing the debris from this latest paper, I too might find some buried treasure.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Andro, though you could have sounded a touch more enthused. :p

  4. My entire floor is like that. Getting around my room during exam/submission time becomes a highly challenging obstacle course. Years of this and high heels mean I am FAB at walking on tippy toes.

    Hope the essay is going well, Michael!

  5. Well, I'm glad to hear that messy working conditions have had an upside for you, Mel. :-)

    And thanks for the words of encouragement. Unfortunately, I was out all day yesterday so need to make some serious progress with the paper today (but I'm in work later so will be doing that 'clock-watching' thing all day). :-/


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