Google April Fools’ a flop? Ingenuity has left the building

 cadie let down

I can’t be the only one thinking this.  Recent years have been so good on the Google April Fools’ front but this year’s offering falls disappointingly flat, courtesy of CADIE.  In 2007 we had the brilliant Google Flushdrive (which essentially involved flushing cables down a toilet for connectivity) and in 2008 we were treated to the ingenious Google Custom Time which ‘allowed’ you to back-date emails – primarily for mischief making.  Both ideas were great April Fools’ trickery.

This year, however, Google have unveiled CADIE Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity for April 1st.  And it just seems like a massive damp squib to me.  It’s something about, um, oh go and read it for yourself.Poke the Panda

There’s a quirky blog deliberately designed to look amateurishly bad which features Cadie the panda – go figure.  It’s ‘something’ I guess…. if you like that kind of thing.  As if that were not enough, though, there’s a YouTube channel and some explanatory text.  Hmm.

And that’s it?  Yeah, that’s really ‘it’.

Seriously, Google: you’ve let us down for April Fools’ this year.  

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  1. I was relying on your blog for the coverage of this year's google pranks. :)

    It's not great, but I like their attention to detail on the 90s blog. And the pokable panda is very cute :)

  2. Glad you felt you can rely on Law Actually for something, Andro. ;-)

    Yeah, I thought the 'pokable panda' might appeal to some, but overall it's a big let-down on other years.


  3. Did you also see the Gmail autopilot?


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