September’s Wacky Search Terms

Septembers wacky search terms “How to pass first year contract law exam” – err, try revising perhaps?

“cow saves a life” – the really scary part is this person searched for the same thing twice and arrived at the same page on my blog staying for a couple of minutes each time.

“Lawyer with tats” – ooh tasteful.

“how to claim against pedestrian” – Allege they came at you with a baseball bat and that’s how you got ‘those’ bruises. Next?

“statute book funnies” – I can’t possibly imagine what could qualify as a statute book ‘funny’.

“when is getting an llm degree worth the cost” – when you’re stuck in a rut, not quite sure what to do and have a few grand to spare. Next?

“wallapers of sign of law and llb” – I’ve no idea what sort of thing this person was looking to find.

“how to start praying” – Kneel down, hands together, bow head.... there, you’ve pretty much got it. You’re a natural! ;-)

“fainted dental work experience” – Probably nature’s way of telling you that a career in dentistry isn’t for you.

“i have never used an ink pen before and have to use one for school in year 6” – oh, bless you.

“how much compensation for dentist dropping down throat” What, the whole dentist?

“quirky lawstudent” – I think we’re all quirky in our own special way.

“are widescreen displays better for law students?” Yes. Unequivocally.

“usb space too law to action” – No, I don’t know what this person was searching for either.

“in what circumstances did leslie ash contract mrsa” – Contaminated ones.

“what happened to schumaker's belly” – If that’s “Schumacher”, it succumbed to the G-forces through turn 9 at Fiorano.

“what looks good on a law student cv” – relevant work experience, great grades, enriching extracurricular activities. You know – the usual.

“abercrombie manager came up on me” – Firstly, “that’s what she said!” - Sorry – been watching too much of ‘The Office – an American workplace’! :D Secondly, ....

“what is the protection of drivers against drunk pedestrians?” – Err, the bumper and windshield.


  1. Where DO you get these people from, Michael?!?!

    My Personal Favourite has to be "How much compensation for Dentist dropping down throat"
    Doesnt bear thinking about, really....

  2. There are really soe strange people out there.

  3. There certainly are some weirdo Googlers out there. Glad everyone is appreciating their wacky searches! :-)

  4. ha ha!! Excellent!! Michael I always enjoy you wacky search posts, lots of strange people out there. :D Dentist one is a classic.

  5. LOL! You have some very weird people who come to your blog, excluding me :P Very funny search terms though!

  6. Seriously, I'm echoing Minx...where DO you get these people from Michael!

    HAHA you just couldn't make it up! Well, you could but I just wouldn't believe it!


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