The Blawggies 2010 - The Afterparty

blawggies 2010 - the afterpartySo, the blawggies 2010 has been and gone and it’s time to take stock. When I casually suggested resurrecting the blawggies, I’d no idea what kind of adventure we were in for. Doing things democratically and letting the ‘sphere vote for the winners was always going to be an interesting decision.  It wasn’t pretty at times – believe me – but it was a useful experience.

The blawggies were always meant to be about celebrating all that’s good in the ‘sphere, accentuating the positive and marking the contribution that individual blawggers make to the common cause. God knows what will happen next year, if the blawgosphere hasn’t imploded by then, but for now, blawggers everywhere should savour this moment of camaraderie. 
                                                            Sick smile
Andro, Minxy and I managed the organisational duties between us quite well, I thought – particularly given the barrage of spam, abuse and dubious voting practices we endured. Crucially, though, the blawggies had a great response – and that’s what really mattered. What’s more, those few who did their darnest to skew the ratings, only did so because they care; they care about their blawgs, their status as blawggers and, by extension, the blawgosphere as a whole.

Alas, we didn’t manage to hold the ceremony on twitter in which each winner gave an embarrassing acceptance speech in 140 characters or less. Nor did the much-anticipated VIP after-party come to pass…

… The blawggies after-party, for those of you who weren’t invited, was great. What started out as a civilised and erudite celebration of all things blawg-related, inevitably degenerated into a drunken and lascivious free-for-all. Fuelled on by a truck-load of vodka and goodness knows what else, impromptu tournaments of unsavoury drinking games were quickly established. As some managed to salvage what little dignity they could and left, the remaining attendees decamped to the venue’s hot tubs - after which propriety crumbled away yet further. Sadly, I’ve no idea who ‘did who’, ‘took what’ or gave the waiting paparazzi the best crotch-shot of the evening as they stumbled drunkenly out of the club and onto the street. Nevertheless, I’m sure a great time was had by all.

Sounds like quite a party! Maybe next year?


  1. Oh my goodness me! Don't tell me that Swiss voted for his own blog 999 times again! This time I'm shocked:-)

    p.s. word verification is 'juglout':-) You have a way with words Michael. And I can assure you that there is nothing loutish about either of my jugs!

  2. I think Swiss was one of the good boys, but yeah, that's pretty much what some blawggers tried.

    I've found word verification to be getting ruder and ruder over the past few months - not that I'm complaining! ;-)

    hehe.. you hussy, bringing your jugs into the matter. I approve! ;-)

  3. Great idea, Michael: re: Blawggies. Encourages me to keep blawging! Thanks.

    (Thought I'd try to raise the level of discourse in the comments section ;-)

  4. Thanks for trying, legal yankee... the commentators seem to have entered an early hibernation from what I can tell! :p

  5. Ditto that!

    (just making up the number of comments)


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