Is Digg recovering?

digg-logo-heart-lg1I’ve been a huge Digg fan over the last 4 – 5 years or so and have been pained by the ‘version 4’ debacle that very nearly buried Digg for good recently.  Although I’ve read from a couple of sources today that they’ve lost over 25% of their US traffic since the infamous 25th August launch (and even more in the UK), I don’t think Digg’s down and out just yet.

Happily, for the first time since the launch of Digg 4.0 (or whatever they called it) I actually found a whole bunch of genuinely interesting links on each page today – just like the old days!  Much better than the odd nugget of interest per 2 – 3 pages as has been the case recently.

So is Digg fighting back?  Who knows.  But thank God there’s still an alternative to Reddit!

 Smile with tongue out


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