Commonwealth Games 2010–The Preparations

coming along nicelyFrom the Telegraph 23/09/10:

Indian government officials claimed that Tuesday's collapse of a footbridge near the Commonwealth Games Stadium, which left 27 people injured, could have been caused by the failure of components supplied by a British company.

Oh really? And what about *that* ceiling – did the Brits supply that as well? 

­Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit (are you freaking kidding me?!?) attempted to play down the seriousness of the bridge collapse. "These minor glitches do happen," she said. "Something maybe dripping, some tile may collapse, it doesn't mean the entire Games are bad."


[The aptly-named] Dikshit said the authorities had decided not to rebuild the bridge and would instead create a new path for the spectators to enter the venue. She confirmed that compensation payments would be made to those hurt in the bridge collapse.

However, the minister's stance is at odds with the majority opinion in India, with some commentators calling the series of calamities a "humiliation" and one newspaper carrying the banner headline 'National shame' on its front page.

Oh it’s surely not that bad? Oh wait… yes, it is!


  1. Reassuring to think that we outsource the supply of pharmaceuticals from Chindia.

  2. hehe... what a name, huh? :D I did a double-take when I first read it... you just couldn't make this [Dik]shit up! :D

    Gyges - it's *incredibly* reassuring! :-\

    BTW - there were some more great pictures in this morning's metro re. the Delhi 2010 preparations! I really think if the all of the athletes just turned up to an empty field, they'd have better facilities than what Delhi are laying on.

  3. if it was something as safe as an empty field i get the feeling most athletes would actually turn up.
    sdaly the dikshit operation has taken empty fields and improved them into stinking deathtraps.

  4. Yep - well said, SW.

    They should have done the decent thing, admitted defeat and abandoned the project.

  5. They should've followed the manuals, instead of nicking the cement and replacing it with sand! :P


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