I need to ask my WHAT?!?

So, there I was browsing Productive Geek earlier (actually via Digg – I’m not a huge fan of so-called productivity websites) reading all about tips on avoiding eye-strain when using computers.  All was going well until I reached the latter part of the article when I spotted this gem:ask your

So, let me get this straight: as a wearer of lenses, I need to ask my obstetrician if they’re a good fit?

Geez Louise.  What kind of lenses are these?  Eye rolling smile

I won’t even begin to ask how you insert them!  productive geek

Thanks, Productive Geek.  Thinking smile


  1. Perhaps the mistake is to check that your eyes are working properly... ;)

  2. Well you say this, but I once had a job where the night security guard was studying to be a nurse's assistant. He let me look at his text book one day and it had mini-quizzes at the end of each chapter. Chapter one was called something like "what is a hospital" and one of the questions at the end was "match the department to the description". There were 4 departments and 4 descriptions. The departments were: obstetrics, housekeeping, emergency medicine/A&E and cardiology.

    If someone studying to be a nurse's assistant needs to be asked what the difference between the housekeeping department and obstetrics is, surely confusing two actual branches of medicine is almost understandable ;)

  3. A very close relative is an Optometrist and a few years ago with a contact lens patient having difficulties that proved difficult to figure out he said to her the only other reason after exhausting most other possible causes for her problem, was that perhaps she was pregnant. She smiled and stated that she definitely was not. A month later during her next visit she reddened and told him his diagnosis was correct.

    Never ever thought I could post that very true story in context.....thanks Michael.

  4. Beth - hehe... good point.

    JP - glad I could be of service ;-)


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