The Best Lawyer Adverts on TV - EVER

I actually discovered this quite by chance a few weeks ago, but haven’t got around to blogging about it before now.

This collection of TV adverts for law firms range from the bizarre to the hilarious, all the way through to the downright disturbing. Against a backdrop of the UK’s rather conservative approach to advertising law firms and legal services, they’re all the more outlandish.

Actually, some of the ads are a bit extreme (even for me) but it certainly beats a suited and booted Billy Murray, pleading with you in a slight ex-gangsterish way that you really NEED a personal injury solicitor and CAN get what’s rightfully yours, and you know what, that accident really WASN’T your fault. 

Still, maybe I shouldn’t knock it. While it might seem a bit of a come-down after the highs of starring in ‘The Bill,’ at least it makes a change from doing endless panto! Right, Billy?

Anyhoo, to the ads…

Rather than a scene of several conscientious-looking, smartly dressed morons poring over some papers a la the UK approach, how about a hard-hitting rap song, personal injury style?

In da hood: “If ya’v eva bin injad ina ak-sid-dent…”

Or let’s try running over a cute cartoon animal – to win the sympathy vote.

The best PI firm in town (for handling RTAs involving cartoon animals).

[Actually, I feel bit like Dennis Norden in “It’ be alright on the night …562” here; all I need is the chunky spectacles and clipboard and I’m set]. 
Winking smileDenis_NordenStumbling from one faux pas to the next, who the hell commissioned this brarmer, showing that being a bully in school is a great thing – providing that the bully goes on to become a lawyer and he’s working for you? Is this the image the legal profession wants to convey – even in America? Actually, don’t answer that.

Being a bully is fine–as long as you grow up to become a lawyer!

Next up is a smug, self-assured lady sat on a sofa, proudly describing how after her husband served divorce papers on Christmas eve, she hired a lawyer to, you know, ruin his New Year. Nothing like a mature, sensible and reconciliatory approach from clients eh?

And who said romance was dead?

Or how about a fat, bold, bearded ruffian in a suit representing the devil / some kind of creditor, who’s now quaking in his proverbials at the prospect of having a certain law firm on his tail. All to a chirpy little jingle – budget TV style.

Pay you?! Yep–I’ll pay you. To. Stop. Singing.

I’ve saved the best to last, folks.  It’s DivorceEZ with their imitable in-your-face style of charm.

“If you and your spouse hate each other like poison and want to get out of the hell-hole you call a marriage, you’ve come to the right place. Look, you can waste your time screwing around with a paper-pusher paralegal type, give thousands of dollars to some piece of crap three piece suit downtown, blow your brains to try and figure out why you wasted 25 bucks on the crappy forms you bought from the illiterate boob at the courthouse or do what I say and do it now”.


There’s the hard-sell, and there’s the downright obnoxious.

And to think Brits still question the taste and tact of American TV.  Be right back


  1. wow, that bully lawyer is cool! ;D

  2. To DivorceEZ; STOP POINTING AT ME! It's rude you know.

  3. Is that grey creature supposed to be a chipmunk, or something? If it is, why does it have a pseudo-mexican accent? ( and a TERRIBLE one at that?!)

    However amusing or downright silly these ads are, I am actually quite thankful that we are a bit more conservative, and dare I say it, dignified,about such matters on this side of the pond -but then again I am rather a curmudgeonly old bag!

    PS: word verification: 'dizeese' - how appropriate!

  4. Andro - if you say so! :p

    Obiter - well said, I'd not actually noticed before but yes, he continually points at the camera with not one but BOTH hands. The rudeness!!!

    Minxy - I've no idea what creature that's actually meant to be. Re. the British conservatism, I guess you're right. Still, I'd love to see a personal injury rap song advert commissioned by a UK firm. ;-) Maybe I should try and write one, film it and post it on YouTube!

    p.s. I think word verification is some coder's idea of a practical joke!

  5. Associates mind dot com7 December 2010 at 14:39

    Hahaha. The DivorceEZ one was fantastic. On the rare occasion I'm home during the weekdays and I turn on the TV to one of the major networks, they are filled with these types of commercials.

  6. Sigh.

    I really wish we could go back to the days when it was unethical for attorneys to advertise...stupid first amendment...


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