Update from Philly

Update from Philly


For 2 Christmases in a row I’ve had a cold, but this year takes the biscuit by virtue of having to travel with a veritable stinker.  Now I think about it, the Christmas before that, even, I came down with something nasty on Boxing Day, (and it wasn’t just the effect the in-laws have on me) so you’d better make that 3 Christmases. 
Yep, this is starting to look like a curse.

Sod’s law dictated that I didn’t catch any of the colds going around right until the day I left but then I went down like a trooper - (and please no, “that’s what she said”, quips!!)  Travelling is really bad enough without feeling really crappy on top of it.  Luckily, though, I think the sinus pain brought on by the high altitude helped to take my mind off of my rasping sore throat so that’s something I guess.

Anyway, my nose is now Rudolph red, my lips dry, cracked and bleeding and I’m as snotty as could be.  As charming as ever in other words.

But, after being out for the count for the first few days, perhaps the rest of my stay here will perk up. I’ve picked up some more tablets and they’ve given me a new lease of life. 

As I’ve been laid up for the most part so far, I’ve not done a whole lot. Still, I've managed to get off of my deathbed a few times.  I’ve been reminded just how seedy the average American diner is – and how awful the food can be.  That slop was bad enough the first time around, so I really, really didn’t want to take it away in a doggy bag.  At the other end of spectrum, I’ve been to a couple of nice restaurants, too. So it’s not all bad.

I’ve managed to get some Christmas shopping in and have been into center city. I should be attending a basketball match at some point which will be good as it’s been ages since I did that this side of the Atlantic.

The weather has been pretty boring so far and am a bit gutted I've missed the chance to slip and slide my way around in the UK.  I just hope Heathrow sorts itself out in time for my return flight next week.


  1. Sounds like you've had a pretty rubbish start to your Christmas get away. Hopefully things improve and that you manage to get back home ok!

  2. A timely post Michael. I've spent much of today browsing the net for the best places to live in America. Started out in Texas and I'm now heading towards San Diego. Well a girl can dream...

    Hope the lurghi lifts in time for Christmas. Might I suggest some petroleum jelly for your chapped lips - I have a slightly used pot you might like to loan:-)

  3. Alistair, thanks ... I'm hoping things perk up.

    BM - I'm way ahead of you and actually have my own mini tin of vaseline for sore lip purposes. It's a slippery slope though and I guess is only one stop short of the eye-roll-on for men, huh?

  4. Michael, if you fancy some good Mexican food, check out Tequilas, which is somewhere in centre city (they moved it, no really, since I used to go there regularly).

    @Bar Maid, San Diego is sunny but boring. We lived there when I was a kid and my parents hated how small and parochial it was. It may be different now (that was over 20 years ago), but it's not paradise on earch. On the other hand, the weather is always good. My sister had a pool party for her birthday one year. In late November.

  5. Hey Michael, I hope you recover quickly and enjoy Christmas for once! :))

  6. Thanks Andro! :-)

    Beth, now I'm getting my appetite back, I might just do that! Thanks for the tip. :-)

  7. Feel better, happy holidays, and welcome to this side of the pond!

    ps - Not all diners are awful. Some are FANTASTIC. i.e., the Maine Diner --> http://mainediner.com/

    YUM. (Too bad its no where near Philly.)

  8. Thanks Juliet :-)

    Ignore me - I was being overly negative I think because I was feeling so crappy. I've been to some nice diners before on previous trips so I think I was just cranky!

    Happy Holidays to you too! :-)

  9. OMG, I just remembered my favourite diner in the Philly area. It's called the Tom Jones Diner and is in some godforsaken suburb not far from Delaware. (http://www.tomjones24hours.com/)

    Tom Jones the Welsh singer tried to sue Tom Jones the owner of the diner over use of his/their name. Tom Jones the diner owner obviously won the action. But there are newspaper clips up in the diner charting the progress of the case.

    As the url implies, it is open 24 hours a day (though possibly not tomorrow). I don't think I've ever been there before 11 pm (and normally after midnight).

    Try the cotton candy (i.e. candy floss) ice cream. And how can you not love a menu that has "porkette cake and bake" as an item? Also famous for its "Eat Hear Now" sign outside.

    I've come over all nostalgic...


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