It must be that time of year again…

Yes, the Law Actually Christmas decorations have gone up in the form of updated header and footer banners.  I know, I know – big whoop.  Still, rather fittingly this year, we’ve even got some snow on there. 

I’m meant to be leaving for the US in a week’s time, and I’ve got next to nothing done in terms of Christmas shopping yet.  This could be awkward.  I think Amazon is going to be getting a fair bit of business from me this Sunday.

Coincidentally, this is also the 500th post to appear on Law Actually.  It’s a pity it wasn’t something more meaningful.  Oh well.


  1. loving the decorations, as always!

    have a great time in US!! :))

    P.s. beware - there's been some delays with amazon deliveries lately... ;D

  2. Can you buy gifts when you get to the US (and give them late if necessary)? The shopping's much better there and most things are cheaper, even at current exchange rates. Have a great trip. Where exactly are you going?

  3. Have a great trip. Nice decorations also :)

  4. Thanks, Andro :-)

    Yeah, there are a couple of things that I might have to pick up, you know, in an actual store (shock horror!!) Amazon haven't let me down (that often) so fingers crossed... :-)

    Beth, yeah, that had crossed my mind... I might do that for some people I've got to get gifts for but not sure that I can do it for all.

    (Oh and it's Philadelphia)

    Thanks, Pooni! :-)

  5. Tsk! You are supposed to put up your Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve and take them dowm on the 6th January.


  6. WR - Quite right! :-)

    I've given myself a strict talking to about it and promised faithfully that it won't happen in future years! ;-)

  7. I love Philadelphia. If you want a full American retail experience, check out the King of Prussia mall in the Philly suburbs. (Philadelphia shopping malls have great names. One of my other favourites is the Plymouth Meeting mall. And then there are the Shops at Liberty Place.) And for great food shopping (including the infamous cheese steaks), you can't beat Reading Terminal Market. But enough with the rampant consumerism...have a great trip.


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