Back to the grind

It’s been a little while since I last posted as I’ve been largely lying low since my return from Philly, enjoying a little festive downtime and a LOT of festive food.

Anyhow, given that all good things come to an end, I’m back at work tomorrow after what feels like ages, but it’s been great to get away for a while.

I guess it’s back to the daily grind now for a bit now.   I don’t even want to begin thinking about the amount of unread email I’ll have to wade through; I had the courage to check one of my work accounts a few days ago, but couldn’t face the other two.  Worse still, God alone knows what else has jumped onto my to-do list over the last few weeks.  I sense it’s not going to be pretty!

As ever, I’ve avoided New Year’s resolutions like the plague and hope to ease myself through January as painlessly as possible. I really hate this time of year.

Maybe I have a touch of the winter blues kicking in?  Eewph… it’ll be spring before I know it. 

It will, won’t it?  Be right back


  1. I don't know how I'll cope at work tomorrow. I feel like I've forgotten everything!!! ;D

  2. And you reckon I moan! HNY Michael, it's snowing here, so just think of all those lovely slips and trips to bring in the business:-)

  3. Hehe... I'm sure you coped just fine, Andro! ;-)

    BM - I *am* a bit of a moaner, (and I quite like it, tbh!). HNY to you, too. :-)


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