Road SMS App: the sure-fire way to an RTA

samsung galaxy - road SMS app

From Engadget 14/07/10:

We haven't actually seen it for ourselves, but we're hearing the Samsung Galaxy S can download an interesting little app. Called Road SMS, the basic idea is that the phone's camera constantly runs to let you see through the screen, while a virtual keyboard allows your fingers to safely text whomever you want.

To be frank, we don't think folks will use this app seriously. We're just hoping someone will develop an augmented reality joke version that, ever so often, generates ghostly images of high speed oncoming traffic. And remember kids, don't text and drive.

It’s not just texting and driving – it’s walking as well! Either of those are a sure-fire way to a road traffic accident. How about just putting your damn phone away and looking where you’re going rather than downloading yet another app to try and solve a simple problem.

I’m sure there’s a reason I get so many hits on Law Actually for “texting girl fell down sewer”. 

Be right back

I’ve said it before, but I absolutely hate pedestrians who wander aimlessly in the street, texting, emailing, or otherwise looking at their phone when they should be damn well looking where they are going. Being the malicious kind of person that I am, I often pull passive-aggressive pavement moves and enjoy that fuzzy glow of contentment having orchestrated a ‘coming together’ between two unwitting pedestrians.  Little things please little minds and all that.

Oh and as for that ‘augmented reality joke version’, how’s this for a mock-up?

Road SMS app disaster


  1. I don't see what the problem is. I bought this app and it's completely safe.

    In fact, I'm typing on it right n…

  2. hehe... if you say so.. I'll have to give it a go and become one of those pedestrians I moan about so much. :p

  3. I looked at the Road SMS app earlier... didn't have very good reviews so didn't want to risk a Euro on it! ;-)

  4. Road SMS?! Love the mock up Michael! Is it really necessary though?

  5. hehe... are you asking whether my mock-up was necessary or whether the app itself is?

    (or both) ;-)

    Anyway, it's good to see you're still about... the blawgosphere has been a bit dead recently.

  6. It was more for the app, the mock up was pretty funny :)

    It has been a busy few months for me I'm afraid, I'll be back shortly (if I can be bothered :P)


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