RTA Injury Claim? … there’s an app for that

RTA - there's an app for thatFrom The Law Society Gazette 21/01/11:

A 150-year-old Manchester law firm has created an iPhone ‘accident app’ which it claims could revolutionise the personal injury claims process.

Croftons has released the iPhone app to help claimants gather accurate evidence and information after an accident at work or on the road, and provide easy access to personal injury lawyers.

The app allows users to record the immediate details of an incident with photographs, words or recorded statements, and then send them to a lawyer to get a quick and informed assessment of the claim.

Geolocation technology automatically pin-points the location of the incident, the camera can take photos of the scene and any damage or injuries caused, while the voice recorder can log eyewitness accounts.

Let’s hope it has a good expletive zapper. Motorists are not exactly known for their calmness immediately after an accident!!!

Users also get practical guidance, with on screen prompts, to help them collect all the relevant information.

Which is, to be fair, quite a good idea as the majority of motorists understandably go into a tizzy after a shunt.

However, I’m not sure how smart it is having the other participant to an accident prancing around taking photos and interviewing witnesses like some roving reporter for the Beeb. Talk about adding fuel to the fire.

But the main problem is audience; who’s going to download this prior to having an accident, unless they’ve got a real complex about their driving ability. As Alan Partridge once asked, rhetorically, “do you slow down for car crashes?”

Which should present an interesting marketing challenge.  Be right back


  1. I think you're right abut not downloading it until after a crash. I suspect, from a making money from the app and getting the name of your firm out there, all that Croftons need is for you to download it for your next crash.

    I think that the type of driver prepared enough to have this already is either a) already a personal injury lawyer or b) prepared enough to already have a checklist and disposable camera in the glove compartment at all times.


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