Thursday, 17 February 2011

Spring arrives early… new shoots in the blawgosphere

spring arrives early

I’ve tried to wind down the amount of negative posts in which I bemoan the current dearth of new blogs and general state of the blawgosphere. Still, I might as well say it: 2011 has gotten off to a slow and worrying start for the UK blawgosphere, with activity levels falling to their lowest for perhaps 4 years or so. And this time, I haven’t been the only one to comment on it.

Anyhow, right on cue, I’ve discovered an excellent new bunch of UK law student blogs, which are collectively helping to take up some of the slack.  Here’s my take on them.

How to be a bad law student

Created right at the end of 2010, HTBABLS is penned by a 19 year old self-proclaimed day-dreamer, who’s in her first year studying law at uni and freely admits to being ‘very bad’. In quite what sense remains to be seen, but I’ve seen enough of this blog already to realise we’ve a good-un on our hands. More to the point, the author’s got a whole lot of love to give and affectionately finishes each post with a couple of kisses.

Perhaps a little ominously, HTBABLS’ posting habits has been a tad spasmodic, but with healthy dollop of tlc, I’m sure she’ll be around for a long time to come.

Legally Screwed

The rather negatively named Legally Screwed is written by a first year law student with a penchant for large bars of galaxy and bottles of Lucozade, which helps make contending with the day-to-day traumas of studying law that little bit easier.

Besides ‘battling the concrete jungle that is Central London’, LS likes to give out sage and trusty advice for surviving a law degree and is rather sweetly reminiscent of the typical blawg that seemed to be sprouting up every which way a few years ago. There’s a lot of good content well worth a look here, and I look forward to reading more from LS as we’re led on a helter-skelter trip through the trials and tribulations of life at the cutting edge of law school.

Posting frequency looks good, too, so I’d highly recommend adding this one to your blogroll.

Lost Receptionist /

LR has bounded onto the scene with all of the flair and enthusiasm that only a newbie blogger can muster. Artsy, quirky and optimistic, LR has had to recently adjust her posting frequency as she struggles with the workload as a first year law student. Hmmm - we’ve all been there!

A self-styled fashionista, LR frequently posts pictures of herself posing in her latest get-up; it’s certainly a different approach to blawgging but I guess that’s a good thing. 

I sense LR has real staying power so I’m optimistic that this one won’t be dropping out of the sphere anytime soon. And that’s great news for all of us!

Look Good Legally

Kate, the author of LGL has been blawging less than a month but is clearly a natural and is already making it look oh-so-easy to keep readers coming back for more. Highly readable and varied posts mean that you never quite know what’s coming next.

I did wonder whether Kate was planning on going head to head with her fellow countrywoman, Andro? Perhaps we could host a live blawg-off between them both later in the year? ;-)

Also like Andro, Kate has her naughty streak and has already developed a habit for blogging from her land law lectures, sharing her nuggets of wisdom with the world.

Whatever Kate’s blawgging plans, the signs for LGL becoming a much-valued member of the blawgosphere are all good so far. Yes, this is the real-deal, folks. You should add Look Good Legally to your blogrolls today!


  1. It's great to see this list. Definitely worth checking out.

  2. Michael,

    Where on earth do you find all these lovely newbies? Either way, its heartening to know that twitter is not killing blogging ( as I suspect it will, eventualy) and that the UK Ether, is awash with talent!

  3. Stephen, Minxy - hehe.. someone's got to keep an eye on the new talent!

    Hopefully this will help to silence the naysayers who reckoned 2011 would be the year the blawgosphere died. ;-)

  4. Good news for the blawgosphere... On a related point, I see you have US Blawgs on your blogroll. Are you familiar with any other non-UK blawgs? I'd be interested to read more from lawyers in other jurisdictions and maybe even find out a bit about what the process for transferring foreign lawyers is in other countries - always good to broaden the horizons!

  5. AHAHAH, OMG Mr.Law actually, you have actually made my day. Thank yo uso much for the mini review. Would you believe that, "How to be a bad law student" is a very good friend of mine haha.

    Sehb a.k.a LS ;)

  6. thank u for the feature. i must say, my blog seems to have no sense of direction. I started it as because there were 50 days before my last exam and results day.

    After that it lost a little of its purpose, and not till about november did it start feeling like a blog again, albeit a self centered blog, which wasnt my intention (but it bagged readers). But now, i have no news, no content, no nothing.

    on the up side, only 4 weeks till the end of term, so keep an eye out, it might get interesting again