Monday, 14 February 2011

Great Valentine’s Day Card

CollegeHumor‘s amusing line-up of Valentine’s Day cards might not be up to the standard of these which I posted a couple of years ago, but some are still worth a look.

My favourite cover:


valentine's day restraining order cover


And the loving message inside:


valentine's day restraining order 2

Classy.  Be right back

If only Funky Pigeon had this design!  I don’t know if anyone else in the blawgosphere is a customer of Funky Pigeon but I’ve placed a couple of orders recently and when I chose to opt for a more natural, informal font for the greeting inside, the top line always arrives printed in the default font.  That’s certainly not how it appears on screen when you’re designing it.

That said, their selection of cards seems much better than Moonpig’s, so you can’t have everything I guess.

Maybe I should just customise the cover and hand-write the greeting inside anyway?

Found here.

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