F1 car hits spectator in mad cross track dash

Ouch–that looks painful

From espnf1.com 04/06/11:

Sebastien Buemi ran over a spectator during a Red Bull demonstration event in Japan which was being held to raise money for tsunami victims.

Ouch – talk about kicking a country while it’s down!

Buemi was carrying out his usual routine when a spectator decided to take a short-cut across the track from behind a bridge. Unfortunately, he ran straight in front of the Red Bull, but a last-second jump as the car hit him probably saved him from serious injury.

Or slicing him clean off at the ankles.

Fortunately, neither Buemi or the spectator were injured.

Phew!! Does that mean there won’t be another car compensation claim clogging up the courts?

Incidentally, the various reports I’ve read all say it was a Red Bull that Buemi was driving; going back to his Scuderia Toro Rosso next weekend in Canada will no doubt seem like a load of bull.
See what I did there?  Be right back



  1. California Lemon Law6 June 2011 at 13:57

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  2. Sorry "Calfornia Lemon Law"... I've deleted your comment & re-posted without the link.

    You should know better than to spam me!! :p

  3. No injury?! There was clearly some soft-tissue injury, as well as psychiatric damage!!

    P.s. I can't believe you go into trouble of reposting spammers' comments, Michael! :P

  4. hehe.. I know but it pisses them off so much!! And that just warms my cockles! ;-)


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