Woman goes hyper at Dunkin’ Donuts

Hyperglycaemic that is.  Allegedly. Be right backcoffee shop negligence

From Money.msn.com 03/06/11:

A Philadelphia woman is suing Dunkin' Donuts, saying a worker mistakenly put sugar in her coffee, which ultimately caused her to go into diabetic shock.

There’s nothing like bringing a negligence claim against a friendly barista doing a good deed in the city of brotherly love, is there? 

Danielle Jordan's lawsuit claims she asked for artificial sweetener to be added to her coffee during a June 2009 visit. Jordan claims she downed the drink and experienced dizziness, light-headedness and ended up making an emergency trip to the hospital.

A legal liaison for the Canton, Mass.-based doughnut chain told the Philadelphia Daily News she couldn't comment on the case. But she says employees only provide customers with the order they ask for.

Jordan's lawyer, Kenneth Rodgers, says his client couldn't tell from the taste of the coffee that she got sugar instead of her preferred artificial sweetener. He says she didn't finish the drink before she fell ill.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Perhaps this is just me, but if you knew you were a diabetic, wouldn’t you always insist on putting your own sugar in?  In my experience, your average barista wouldn’t know whether they were breaking open a sachet of sugar, saccharin, or a wet wipe and dumping it in your cawfee.

So who knows what happened: did the barista get the sachets muddled? Had the claimant scoffed a sneaky donut around the corner before going in and it really was saccharin in there?  Heck, maybe a sugar cube became dislodged from a ceiling tile overhead and plopped in the coffee unbeknownst to anyone?

In any case - who cares – it’ll settle within the week! 

Sweet as you like.  Sarcastic smile


  1. Oh geez. If I were diabetic you can bet I'd do it myself. All this did was serve to make me wish even more ardently that we had DD out here, ha!

  2. First off, I question that a donut shop barista actually can negligently sweeten a random customer's coffee.

    But watch this case, we might start seeing professional negligence insurance for coffee shop staff.

  3. Amanda - can't beat a bit of dunkin' eh? ;-)

    Stephen - good to see you're back with us... was beginning to think we'd lost you to those damn exams!! How did they go?

  4. Cheers, I think they went alright but I'm still to hear my marks. There's been a fair bit of grumbling about getting marks back. It was strange how much these ones felt like the end of an era -- even more than Advanced Highers and A levels did.

  5. Glad you feel they went well! :-)

    There are few things more painful in life than waiting for exam results!

  6. This rather begs the question, why do we have to put our own sugar in our coffee?! I will be writing a letter of complaint to Starbucks immediately...


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