How to back up … correctly

Found via How to Geek 30/05/11.

How to back up correctly

Painfully true.

Which reminds me: my old external hard drive which was my primary backing up drive but is now my secondary backing up drive because it went on the blink (slightly) is now my tertiary backing up drive because I bought another external hard drive to become my primary backing up drive after I relegated the previously new primary backing up drive to become the secondary when I got the third.

No, that’s not quite right… or is it?

Anyway, the one that’s on the blink is now even more on the blink and probably has to be retired all together.  Which means, I need a, what, quaternary drive to…

Oh forget it.  I just need to back up again.  Bugger.


  1. If your back up routine doesn't eventually circle around and back something up to the original computer it's just not secure.

  2. hehe.. absolutely... or they all disappear into a black hole! ;-)

  3. This reminds me... i need to back up some stuff :D

  4. You surprise me, Andro... I thought you were the sort of girl who'd be backing up every night... :p


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