Maybe it’s a cultural thing

annoying childWhy is it half of US blawgers only seem to blawg about their kids?

Maybe it’s a cultural thing.  Or maybe I'm less sympathetic because I'm not a parent?  I don’t know and I don’t really care.

All I know is that reading about other people's kids bores me to tears.

And I’ve had enough; here comes a clear-out session of my RSS subscriptions!


  1. Other peoples' children is the most boring of subjects irrespective of whether or not one is a parent.

    There most probably is a cultural difference which we are currently subordinating ourselves to, but as yet, not completely.

  2. Jason @ personal injury lawyer19 July 2011 at 21:34

    Not cultural, but parental. Some people, like me, are proud of their kids but don't blog because it's boring to other people (unless it's funny and involves injury to the child or a parent caused by the child), especially non-parents.

    A lot of parents think that their kids are funny and, to be honest, they're wrong!

  3. Gyg3s - well said...

    Jason - I've re-posted your comment without the link. Never mind you being proud of them, do you really think your kids would be proud of YOU for spamming people's blogs? I think they'd be ashamed. :p

  4. Absolutely gyg3s. It's not surprising that people would blog about their own children but it's a bit surprising that anyone else would bother reading it.

  5. Don't forget the dogs too!

    Does this mean that UK Bloggers blog about the weather?

    Oh Michael, you and your comment-editing! :P

  6. I worked in an office full of women who did nothing but talk about their kids.
    I moved to an office full of men who did nothing but talk about their kids even more.
    Not sure if this is relevant but...

  7. Law Dent - office full of women... you lucky chap! ;-)

    And yes, very relevant... moral of the story being, people are just awful! Period.


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