­Owner’s Workshop Manual for Lawyers

Oh yes, folks. It’s finally here: an owner’s workshop manual specifically for lawyers.

(I know what you’re asking: what took us so long!!)

Whether you’re an embittered client, long-suffering spouse or bemused parent struggling to get your head around just why your child had to go and sully the family tree by marrying a lawyer, help is at hand.

This book is designed to give you a fighting chance of understanding that rather curious species in modern life - the lawyer.Haynes Owners Manual for Lawyers

Granted, it might not help you work out what makes a solicitor or barrister tick, but it might just give you pointers on what you can do to make being in their company a touch more bearable.

It includes answers all those lawyery-questions you’ve been longing to know, such as:

-   Why are weekends just two more days of the working week?

-   How can you prevent Jonathan from clockwatching down the pub when he’s so obviously itching to calculate social time in billable units? (N.B. A general workaround is suggested involving a long handled screwdriver and a gasket!! – not for the faint-hearted though!!).

Whilst lawyers can be alien creatures, conventionally renowned for being aloof, slippery and incredibly self-righteous, this book hopefully goes some way in helping you understand them a little better – even if it doesn’t dispel all of those beliefs.

N.B. this book is not suitable defendants awaiting trial with cannibalistic tendencies quietly plotting in their cell how to dismember and eat their solicitor or counsel. Yes, this book does contain cut-away diagrams, but really, eating people is just wrong. And surely, wouldn’t lawyer-meat taste nasty?
Available in all good bookshops. (The book, that is – not lawyer-meat!)  Be right back


  1. Thanks - I think there was a definite gap in the market which needed filling! :-)


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