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I like to think I’ve been a fully fledged blogger (you know, as distinct from a half-baked one) for quite a few years now.  I’ve always thought I was comfortable in using blogging terminology – comfortable in the sense I knew what it all meant. 

So, when I’m blogging, I update my blog (Law Actually) with blog posts (like this thing I’m writing).  I might update my blog by writing a blog post, but it doesn’t seem quite right that I “write a blog”.  Does it?

So, “to blog” is a verb, “a blog” is a noun (a portmanteau of web log) which is the whole shebang (i.e. the site), made up of individual “blog posts”.

So why do people seem to take delight in knocking the universe out of kilter by referring to “writing a blog” or even “doing a blog” (yes, really!) when what they mean is to write a blog post.  It just doesn’t sit quite right with me - no matter how much I try to ignore it.

So, have I got this horrifically wrong, are they wrong, or are we both right?   Or does it not even matter?  Please don’t say yes to the last one.

I am right on this, aren’t I?


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