Mayors do the funniest things

lincolnshire sausagefnar fnar

From this is Lincolnshire 29/06/12:

The Mayor of Louth has made national headlines after an Olympic Torch Relay stunt - with many people saying her novelty sausage costume was mistaken for a penis.

Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders, 61, wore the unusual 8ft-tall pink costume to promote the famous Lincolnshire sausage on the national stage.

Is it really that penis-like? Not many have two sticky legs at one end – or a cheeky face, eyebrows and a penchant for carrying literature around (so far as I know, anyway).

Despite this plea, Coun Makinson-Sanders secured the 'phallic' costume and stunned many residents in the Lincolnshire town who branded it 'obscene'.

Oh get over yourselves.

Comments on Wednesday's story on This is Lincolnshire included: "The costume makes her look like a gentleman's appendage," and "she is clearly deluded if she thinks that costume looks anything like a sausage."

What would make it look more sausage-esque? A few pricks with a fork? Ahem.

Some local residents have defended the mayoress - even praising her for being bold and imaginative initiative.

Hear, hear!

Some mayors get up to far worse!!


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