RBS/NatWest-gate – incompetent offshore team to blame?

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Well, sort of. But let’s not let fine detail get in the way of blog post titles.

From the Register 28/06/12:

Cost-cutting RBS management had halved the team within which the banking group's recent data disaster happened, sources have told The Register. The sacked British employees were replaced by staff in India, and there had been concerns about the quality of the work done in India for a lengthy period prior to last week's catastrophe.

Damn offshoring – it gives me the utter squits.

Mishandling of batch schedule data while backing out of an update to CA-7 batch processing software last week caused the disruption that led to 16.9 million customers at RBS, Natwest and Ulsterbank being frozen out of their accounts for days, and ongoing issues in some cases.

As luck would have it, I closed my RBS account (of nearly 10 years) right at the beginning of last week – right before this fiasco occurred. I’d been lured by Halifax and their attractive switching deal and monthly payment in lieu of interest, and heck, I’m a bit of a comparison site whore.  RBS had been fine, but I felt it was time to show my disdain for the Fred ‘the shred’s antics (better late than never, right?) and I couldn’t cope with the prospect that my local branch’s royal blue facia will soon be replaced with a sickly Santander red.

The chap who dealt with my account closure was very polite, helpful and concerned, questioning that it was nothing RBS had done that had caused me to defect. Oooh – if only he’d known what the following 48 hours would bring!

Still, worth trying for compensation? As Brucie might say: “you’ve got to be in it, to win it.”

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“Is it possible to speak to one of your colleagues in the UK please?”



  1. You do realise that the Halifax is part of Lloyds Banking Group, which has an aspirational model of 80% of its Group IT functionality based in India? It can only be a matter of time before the next mishap caused by inexperience.


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